Snapping Shoals EMC offers a variety of outdoor lighting choices to meet residential, commercial and industrial needs.

Overhead Service
The following apply for a standard residential overhead security light.

  • Small LED Security Light
  • Mounted on wooden utility pole
  • $8.90 per month billing if placed on an existing pole or $11.90 per month if a pole must be installed
  • 12-month contract required if using existing pole; 36-month contract if pole must be installed

Underground Service
If underground installation is required or desired, two options are available on standard underground lighting for residential use; however, due to maintenance constraints, the appropriate option will be determined at our engineers' discretion.

Option 1

  • Small LED security light on 10-foot fiberglass pole
  • $14 per month billing
  • 3-year contract required

Option 2

  • Medium LED security light on 20-foot fiberglass pole
  • $14.30 per month billing
  • 3-year contract required

Due to accessibility for maintenance, Option 2 is primarily available to developers and commercial consumers.

Other Options
A variety of other lighting options are also available, and special lighting packages can be designed for commercial and industrial use. Information is available on request.

Pole Installation
If a new pole installation is required, an appointment with us is necessary. Please call Snapping Shoals EMC at 770-786-3484 to make an appointment and for more information. After installation, all outdoor lighting continues to be owned and maintained by Snapping Shoals EMC.

To request a new security light installation, activate an existing security light or report a problem with an existing security light, please click one of the links below.

Security Light Repair   Activate EXISTING Security Light    Request NEW Security Light Installation