Members can choose to pay the same amount each month by participating in the Budget Billing Plan. The monthly budget amount, which is normally recalculated every year, is based on the average monthly energy consumption for your account during the previous 12 months. Although you pay a set amount each month on the budget plan, you are still responsible for all of your energy use. At recalculation time, any deficit or credit will be reflected in your new budget amount. Residential members who have a zero balance on their Snapping Shoals account are eligible for the plan. Participants must pay their bills in full and on time every month to remain in the program. Call us at 770-786-3484 for more details.

FlexPay Billing is a pay-as-you-go plan that allows you to pay when you want, in the amounts you want. Your usage is calculated daily, and if your prepaid balance falls below a set amount of your choosing, you will receive a low balance notification via email. Usage may be tracked online with mySSEMC or by phone at 1-855-916-2970.

A deposit is not required to enroll in FlexPay and customers never pay a late charge. FlexPay is available for locations served by a 200 amp 120/240 meter. New customers may be set up on FlexPay billing with a minimum of $50, plus the membership fee and account establishment fee. Current SSEMC customers may switch to FlexPay billing.

FlexPay Frequently Asked Questions   Online FlexPay Terms of Service Form   FlexPay Terms of Service (printable)

A Senior Citizen Discount is available to qualifying members of Snapping Shoals EMC. To qualify, you must be at least 65 years of age and your total household income may not be more than $30,000/year. The discount, which is $15.00/month, may be applied only to an account serving the principal residence of the qualifying member. The account must be on our regular residential rate, be separately metered and be in the applicant's name. Call us at 770-786-3484 for details.