Don't Fall for Natural Gas Marketing Tactics

We have all recently felt the effects of higher prices for our groceries, fuel, and other daily expenses – including natural gas. Many factors influence the price of natural gas. Thanks to our partner program with Walton Gas, Snapping Shoals EMC members can trust that they get a great rate and award-winning customer service from a local provider.  

Phil Weatherly, business development director for Walton Gas, wants to help Snapping Shoals EMC members navigate the natural gas market with a few valuable tips.

Check your rate plan: Fixed or variable? Fixed rate plans have been significantly lower than variable plans over the last 10 to12 years. Many people are not aware of which plan they are currently on — and some providers have very high variable rates.

Be aware of your renewal date. If your fixed rate term ends, and you have not actively signed up for a new fixed plan, you will be put on a variable rate plan.  Read the fine print. You may receive an attractive rate offer from other providers on occasion. Be sure to understand the details of the offer. There are usually strings attached that detract from the offer and end up costing you more in the long run. 

Understand the “incentives” some marketers offer, and don't be fooled by “introductory” or “discount” rates. Some natural gas providers offer a low rate for only a month or two. If you lose track and do not sign up for a fixed rate, you will be placed on a variable rate. Your new rate could be double or even triple the rate you signed up for. Is that really a good deal?  

For more information on how to sign-up with Walton Gas, visit or call a Walton Gas representative at 678-639-3277.