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2021 Scholarship Applications Available

Applications are now available for the 2021 Snapping Shoals EMC J.E. Robinson Memorial Scholarships, the All-Around Student Scholarships, and the GEMC Walter Harrison Scholarships. Forms are available on the Our Community page. Full details, instructions, deadlines and eligibility requirements for each scholarship are included with the application forms.

J.E. Robinson Memorial Scholarships are currently worth $2,500 each and are awarded to 14 high school seniors. Academic ability and financial need are the primary considerations.

Bradley K. Thomas Scholarships are aimed at recognizing those students who go above and beyond in their extracurricular activities. These scholarships were the All-Around Student Scholarships and were renamed in honor of our former CEO, who retired in January. Involvement in school and community activities is the primary consideration for the All-Around Student Scholarship. Academic ability and financial need are also factors in the selection of the scholarship recipients. We will award eight $2,500 All-Around Student Scholarships to high-school seniors in 2021.

The Walter Harrison Scholarship program is coordinated by Georgia EMC. To apply through Snapping Shoals, you must either live in the household of or be a Snapping Shoals EMC member. Walter Harrison Scholarships are each worth $1,000.