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SSEMC Partners with Walton Gas

Provider receives highest customer service rating in survey

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To Our Members:
Snapping Shoals EMC is excited to share infomration about a new marketing alliance program we recently established with Walton Gas. Walton Gas is a leader in Georgia's natural gas market - having developed a reputation of best-in-class customer service and outstanding value over the last 18 years.
What stands out about Walton Gas is how well-aligned their core values are to those of Snapping Shoals. Walton Gas puts the consumer first. And, in Georgia's competitive natural gas market that is refreshing. They always have great rates, loyalty programs that provide on-going value and they are easy to do business with - no gimmicks or hidden payment fees like other natural gas marketers.
Maybe that is why they received the highest customer sataisfaction ratings of any provider in the market - not once, but in each of the three years that a survey was conducted in Georgia's competitive nautral gas market. They are with you every step of the way.
Georgia is home for Walton Gas. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walton EMC, our electric coopertaive neighbor based out of Monroe. All of their employees, as well as their service operations, are right here in the state. Many of the other natural gas providers are from other states and affiliated with large, national energy companies that have a Georgia "brand" serving this market.
You have a choice of your natural gas provider if you are on Atlanta Gas Light Company's (AGL) distribution lines.
We are excited to help you bring real value from a trusted provider like Walton Gas. We hope you'll consider them when it's time for you to establish a new natural gas account or even when it's time to renew service with another provider. Switching providers is very simple, and the savings add up.

You'll be seeing and hearing more about the Walton Gas program in the months ahead.