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Members Will Receive 4.5 Million

Largest capital credit refund ever to be issued in June


Snapping Shoals EMC is a not-for-profit cooperative, which means we collect only enough revenue to cover the cost of operating our business. Any excess revenue is retained for members in the form of capital credits. Refunds less than $250 will be issued as bill credits on members' June bills, and those over $250 will be issued as checks.

Whenever possible, Snapping Shoals EMC's Board of Directors elects to "retire" or "refund" a portion of these capital credits to SSEMC's members. Eligible members will receive their share of margins that being retired for parts of 2002 and 2019. The amount eligible members will receive based on their electric usage during those years.

Reliable service, electric rates that are among lowest in the state and the return of capital credits are just three benefits of being a Snapping Shoals EMC Member.