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Help Stop Power Theft

Call 678-729-8095 to report suspected power theives

Stealing Power

While honest Snapping Shoals members pay their monthly utility bills, some consumers are receiving their electricity for free. How? They're stealing it, and you're picking up the tab.
Every year, billions of dollars in electricity are stolen from utilities across the county. Unfortunately, losses from energy theft are passed on to consumers. In addition to the extra costs that arise due to stolen revenue from energy theft, restitution is applied when theft, altered equipment or a cut meter seal is detected.
Therefore, it is essential that you call our anonymous tip line at 678-729-8095 to report anyone you know or suspect is tampering with a meter or stealing power.
Signs of meter tampering include cut, missing or tampered meter seals, a damaged meter and wires or foreign objects around the meter base. Tapping into neighborhood security lights is also stealing.
When you report suspicious activity, you are helping reduce costs to you, and you could also save someone's life because tampering with utility equipment can result in death by electric shock or in a fire.
Anyone who knowingly receives the benefit of stolen services will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.