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College Students Get $25,000 From Program

20 students each receive $1,250 in assistance through Operation Round Up


Twenty students have been approved by the Snapping Shoals Electric Trust Board of Directors to receive education assistance through Operation Round-Up this year. Each student will receive $1,250 to help them continue their education, bringing the total assistance for all students to approximately $25,000.

Every year, part of the funds collected through our Operation Round Up program are set aside to be used for education assistance. To be eligible for this assistance, students must live in a household receiving electric service from Snapping Shoals EMC, and total household income cannot exceed $50,000. Applicants must complete our application process and provide proof of enrollment or acceptance at the college or vocational school they are seeking funds to attend.

The majority of money raised through Operation Round Up is used to directly support social, charitable, and civic programs in our community, as well as individuals in need of assistance with household or living expenses, home repairs and medical or health needs.

The Snapping Shoals Electric Trust Board of Directors investigates applications and meets every other month to determine how the funds will be used. They serve as volunteers and receive no compensation for their time and efforts.